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Language barrier, limited global reach, or simply "lost in translation" -- we help you bridge the language gap.

Language Match provides solutions to your business needs. In today's multicultural market, having your website or sales materials translated to your target audience's native language would give you a winning edge and send your message across effectively.


In a state of constant globalization, the world has become a small international village where multiracial interaction is not only commonplace but is also a necessity. Thus, there is an increasing demand for language translation service providers that make communication and the transfer of ideas more convenient and reliable.

Corporate organizations in particular have made language translation a valuable part of their intercultural and business communication. Language translation service enables businesses to:

Gain wide global reach
Today, the fastest and most effective way to market products and services globally is through the internet. However, for a universal growth of your business, having your website or online business translated into different languages allows you to target a diverse audience.

According to recent statistics, products or services promoted using one’s own language increases the probability of the product/service being purchased or availed. Therefore, by making language translation an aspect of your business, your product/service becomes more accessible and comprehensible to a larger and diverse population.

Break the language barrier

In the last 15 to 20 years, the world has experienced the immense impact of globalization and along with it, an awareness of various international communities and racial diversities. The world has become one global village but still culturally divided by issues of ethnic differences and language barriers.

Now, there are language translation service providers that help bridge the language gap. In business, you are able to encourage people of different racial background to patronize your product or service because your business speaks their language. Studies show that more than 40% of businesses lose international orders simply because the products/services are not translated into certain target languages and thus, incomprehensible to a global market.

Access professional and quality data conversion
Translation can be performed by either machines or humans. However, machine translation clearly has limitations which are even recognized by software makers themselves. Most high quality machine translation (MT) software applications are only capable of generating draft quality translations. As one leading MT software developer explains in its product disclaimer: “Because human language is complex, results will vary depending on the source text for each translation. Therefore, consider your translations as drafts which enable you to quickly and inexpensively handle day-to-day business communications in foreign languages."

With professional human translation, the translators are native speakers and are proficient in their specific fields. Therefore, not only accuracy and quality are guaranteed in the translation but also cultural localization or the process whereby document written in one culture is adapted to the needs and outlooks of another. These can only be achieved through human translation.

Because we speak your language
we are the perfect match to all your language needs.